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A working woman is like a spice.

With personality, talent and style,'Spices' give flavorful impact to society.
In order to celebrate their individuality and to utilize their talents while balancing the various responsibilities of life, we believe that 'starting an independent business' is one solution for the Spices.
Spice Rack is a new platform that provides Spices with the infrastructure necessary to start a business, access to a community of other women in similar situations, and a venue to transmit information to the world.

Spice Rack supports independently working women to believe in their potential, to have fun while they work and to realize their dreams.

  • Rack

    A place where the Spices assemble
    • Rack is the page where all the registered Spices gather.
    • It is the entryway to the Spice Pages. A Spice Page is a promotional page for each Spice made using Spice Rack's original format. This is the focal point of our service.
    • A Spice Page posts information about each Spice's product, work or service. If a Spice is selling a product or work, there will be a link to the Spice Rack Shop page. A Spice Page will also post the profile and story of each Spice, putting a "face" behind the product, work or service.
    • The Spice Page will be written in both English and Japanese. This will allow orders from overseas and allow businesses to expand internationally.

  • Shop

    Online sales of products and services
    • Spice Rack Shop offers a place for Spices to sell their products or services. An original online shop format will be used.
    • By linking the Spice Rack Shop to the Spice Page profile and story, it puts a "face" behind the product or service.
    • Spice Rack offers a convenient payment system.

  • Service

    Provide various services necessary for your business
    • Our professional staff will provide services to assist members solve various issues =marketing, accounting/finance, etc.= that arise from starting and running a business. We also provide individual consulting.
    • We will periodically offer lectures on different aspects of business in order to actively support the Spices.

  • Community

    A Networking Platform for Spices
    • Spice Rack is a place where women gather and create a community under the unifying theme of "independently run business by women". A Spice can view the activities of fellow Spices which may lead to new ideas, new connections or new business opportunities.
    • Spice Rack will periodically plan events, exhibitions and pop-up stores to create opportunities for the Spices to meet in person, creating an active and lively network of Spices.
    • Spice Rack will post news of events as well as information on exhibitions and activities of the Spices, via the Spice Rack facebook page and blog. In turn, through each Spice's network, information will spread to even a wider community.