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HANAUSAGI Saga Ohkawa's "one flower arrangement per day" project

April 19, 2016

Saga Ohkawa, founder of HANAUSAGI, began a project to create one flower arrangement each day beginning on New Year's Day.

Her creativity has no boundary. The flower arrangements can be made on freshly fallen snow or set in a faded wineglass or next to an egg ornament for Easter. She even uses kiwis as accents. Kiwis! Really?!


It is almost as if she is in serious training given her commitment. However, while you can see her technique and depth of knowledge, there is something playful in the arrangements. It is as if she is telling us that it is okay to let your inspiration guide you. We hope more people will have a chance to see her continuous work.


Click here to check her daily arrangements on her website.






by Spice Rack

Patissiere Noriko Onishi, founder of COROCO, travels for demonstration

April 19, 2016

White Day is an unique Japanese holiday when men give women sweets to thank them for their gifts of chocolates on Valentine's Day. With this in mind, the president of an importing company asked Noriko of COROCO to come and demonstrate making cakes for his female employees this March 14th as his gift.


The base of the cake is cherry mousse and there are three types of meringue (strawberry, lemon, pistachio) on top.


 A COROCO original which all the women loved! Served on plates imported by the company. What a unique and tasty idea!  

by Spice Rack

From mother to daughter on her 20th birthday - snowcone & vamp's plumeria necklace

April 19, 2016

One of snowcone & vamp Sonoko Ishii's most recent work was an order-made from a mother to her daughter for her 20th birthday. She fell in love with snowcone & vamp's original plumeria design and asked Sonoko to design and make the necklace incorporating a stone chosen by the daughter.



The mother also ordered smaller necklaces for herself and her younger daughter, also incorporating different stones.


The necklaces are similar yet each one has a distinct characteristic. We have to admire Sonoko's sense and talent in creating these fabulous, wholly original accessories.  

by Spice Rack

Holiday Gift Fair ends today!

December 26, 2014

Thank you for shopping at Spice Rack Holiday Gift Fair.
After five weeks, we are closing shop today.

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Happy Holidays!

by Spice Rack

SPICE RACK Holiday Gift Fair is now open!

December 20, 2014

Have fun celebrating this holiday season with original gift items by the Spices! 

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by Spice Rack