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HI Company Ltd.

New York & Tokyo - Beautiful & High Quality Designs that Continue to Remain in the Forefront

Sophisticated New York Design

Graphic Designer Kumiko Hitomi believes what she does best are simple and refined designs that have uniform sophistication. "Designers should be the most reliable business partner for the client." Kumiko believes that communication is an essential process in the creation of her design, which ultimately leads to client satisfaction.

Kumiko recollects her experience studying graphic design at New York's Pratt Institute of Art and Design. "I studied very hard, but it was really exciting to be designing." Her efforts bore fruit, and earned her an honorary award from the school. After graduation, she worked under the tutelage of Douglas Lloyd, former Art Director of Gucci, and took part in many high brand design projects.

Kumiko returned to Japan to be a launch member of Dentsu marchFIRST, then worked at Makoto Saito Design Office as a Designer/Art Director. In 2006, she founded HI Company Ltd.

Looking towards Global Markets

Working in the frontlines of the design field in New York and Tokyo, Kumiko's greatest asset is her experience and her ability to propose a "globally marketable design" to corporations. By taking on the various aspects of design and art direction from logos to product packages to advertisements, it creates uniformity and stability to the brand, which the clients find very appealing.

According to Kumiko, the most enjoyable thing about working independently is the ability to work directly with the clients. "It is nice to be able to have a personal relationship," she says. Having a global vision yet remaining in close communication with the clients... Kumiko's designs continue to surge forward.

Graphic DesignerKumiko Hitomi

Born in Tokyo, Japan。Graduated from Pratt Institute, School of Art and Design in New York. Worked under Gucci Art Director, Douglas Llyod and then at Makoto Saito Design office. In 2006, established HI Company Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan. Currently provides design direction in areas of graphics, packaging, advertisement, website, video, translations, etc. In 2005 and 2010 received the Good Design Award.

HI Company Ltd.

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