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Jewelries that Personifies
and Personalizes Your Look

Do You Want to Go with Natural or Cool?

 Jewelries are small in size compared to other things that you wear, but they tell people a story about you. This is because they have the power to conjure up images. "snowcone & vamp"'s line-up mostly has larger-style jewelries with a voluminous feel of silver. This brand has two distinct lines. The natural and organic "snowcone" line has pieces such as pierced earrings with natural stone embedded in a shell, a leather bangle bracelet with silver plumeria flower and a dove necklace. The "vamp" line is more "city-like" in pursuit of sophistication. This line includes such pieces as a necklace with a powerful cross or unique medallion, and ultimate cool rings with a dual silver/blank tone. The wraparound bead bracelet in three layers is also a very popular item.

Better To Have Many Pockets


 Sonoko Ishii is the founder and designer of "snowcone & vamp". Her view on life has much to do with the differing expression of her jewelries. She believes, "life is more fun if you don't stereotype, have a wide opening and many pockets."
Sonoko's philosophy has its origin in her childhood experience, when she spent 4 1/2 years from sixth grade at a boarding school in Bournemouth, a town in Southwestern England. She moved to England at nine because of her father's work, and spent her adolescent years of 11 through14 at a public boarding school, fully absorbed in British culture. Immersed in music, hair close-cropped and bleached in front with three pierced holes in her ears, Sonoko was a typical British teenager. However once she returned to Japan, she had to adjust herself to high school and university in Japan and worked at a liability insurance agency as her first job out of school. It was during these years that Sonoko learned the fundamentals of how the Japanese society works. Since then, she has worked for an ad agency, a law firm and an IT start-up. Currently she works as an interpreter, mainly in the entertainment industry. Her versatile life history is that what has led to Sonoko's "multiple pockets" view on life and ultimately to "snowcone & vamp"'s multifaceted line-up.

Jewelries with A Statement


 「"I would like Japanese women to wear jewelries that have statements (an assertion of who they are) about their individuality, not just follow fashion trends,"is what Sonoko hopes."For people who can't find what they are looking for, I will custom make it for them. I enjoy the challenge of creating a piece that live up to their expectations."She has gone back to London's Central Saint Martins twice for short-term study to continue to advance her skills in metal-carving.
"I love women, who despite their age, cherish and enjoy life. I would like women who have both the 'snowcone' and 'vamp' elements to their personality, women who are fulfilled balancing work (including home-making and raising children) and personal life (play and hobby) to wear jewelries from 'snowcone & vamp'."

 What would you wear with a simple white T-shirt? This is when "YOU" make your appearance. Which jewelry are you going to choose today?

Jewelry Designer Sonoko IshiiSonoko Ishii

Born in Tokyo. Moved to England in 3rd grade with her family. From 6th grade, attended a public boarding school in Bournemouth, England for 41/2 years. After returning to Japan. After working for a liability insurance company, an ad agency, a law firm and an IT start-up managing a website for women, in 2002 began freelance interpretation, mainly in the entertainment (theatre, musicals, rock music ) industry. In 2005, started to make silver jewelries. Since 2009, her jewelries have been sold at the surf shop BLUE HORIZON located on the beach at Shichiri-ga-Hama, Kamakura.

snowcone & vamp

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