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About Spice Rack Service

Spice Rack is a membership community.
We believe that 'starting an independent business' is one solution for women to celebrate their individuality
and to utilize their talents while balancing the various responsibilities of life.
Spice Rack offers its members a platform that provides the infrastructure necessary to start and promote a business
and access to a community of other women in similar situations.

→ About Spice Rack

How to become a Member

     1. Fill out the application and submit to Spice Rack.
       Spice Rack will examine and screen your business content.

     2.  Once you pass the screening process, Spice Rack will send you a booklet explaining the details.
       We will then ask you to fill out the booklet to give us more information about your business.

     3.  Send all the required documents to Spice Rack, agree to the terms of the contract and pay the registration fee.
       The registration process is then complete.

Membership fee

    The following is an explanation of the fees for members of Spice Rack.

  • Registration Fee

  • The registration fee is 30,000 Japanese Yen.

    We require this fee be wired to the designated bank account at the time of registration.

    This fee includes the following;
     Initial consultation concerning branding
     Initial consultation concerning how to develop your business
     Production of your Spice Page (promotional page for each member)

  • Monthly Fee

  • The monthly fee is 3,500 Japanese Yen.

    You can pay this fee by credit card or wire through convenient stores.

    This fee includes the following;
     Use of the Spice Rack On-line Shop
    (Up to 3 items. For over 3 items, see the following On-line Shop section)
     Maintenance of your Spice Page

  • On-line Shop

  • There will be an extra monthly charge if you plan to post more than 4 items

    4 to 20 items 2,000 Japanese Yen/month
    21 to 50 items 5,000 Japanese Yen/month

  • Processing Fee

  • You will be charged a processing fee of 20% of the price of the item sold.

    Please make sure that the price of your item is over 1,000 Japanese Yen.

Other Services

Our professional staff will provide services to assist members solve various issues that arise from starting and running a business. These include services in marketing, accounting and finance to language support. Furthermore, we will periodically offer lectures on different aspects of business in order to actively support the Spices.


When thinking of selling your product or service, the question of "who to target," "how much to charge," "what kind of method " and "what kind of expression " become very important. Having a clear marketing strategy for your products and services will influence the outcome of your business. Spice Rack offers professional assistance in several key marketing areas.


Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product or service in the mind of your customers and consumers. This is the key point in gaining and retaining customers. What is a good brand? How does branding work? How does one apply this to one's product or service? Through Spice Rack you will have access to professionals who can help you answer these questions.

Service Example
・Lectures on branding
・Individual consulting

Social Media

The use of social media, such as facebook, twitter and blogs, is now an integral part of any marketing strategy and will continue to grow in the future. What is social media?Why is social media important? How does one develop an effective social media strategy? Spice Rack offers consulting services by experts in this fast evolving area.

Services Example
Lectures on social media
Individual consulting


Logos, photos and copies are the important "Face "of your business. It is also the tools which communicate your brand to your customers. Catalogues, DM, postcards that incorporate this are also tools which persuade your customers to purchase your products or use your services. Also, the use of promotional videos on the business website or YouTube has become a popular method of promotion. Spice Rack offers our members a full lineup of creative services.

Service Example
Logo production
Production of catalogues, direct mail, postcards, goods and other promotional tools
Image and product photography
Promotional video production

2)Accounting and Finance

Handling of money is an essential component of business. Good financial management and accounting leads to a successful business. Spice Rack provides various accounting and financial services which cater to your needs.

Service Example
Lectures on Accounting and Finance
Individual Consulting

3)Language Support

We hope that your products and services sell and expand globally. In pursuit of this, Spice Rack's multilingual support team will become your communication pipeline.

Service Example:
Interpretation / translation,
Preparation of contracts and assistance in business negotiations
Language support during business trips, etc.